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Nothing is more important to Verve than the quality and safety of our products. Our products are tested throughout the entire production process. This doesn’t make our jobs easier, but it makes our products better. It’s our mission – supporting your good health.

Verve products are not made with any additives or dyes to standardize the color of our products. That said, you’re left with only 100% natural CBD oil the way nature intended.

USDA Organic/Non GMO

The USDA organic certification is the most rigorous crop certification in the world. We take pride in offering our customers premier hemp products from the highest quality hemp. This means no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides ever. Our hemp products are made exclusively from USDA organic hemp grown from our farms in Colorado.

Third Party Testing

Every batch of Verve products is tested in multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process for potency and purity.
We thoroughly test every batch of Verve products to ensure that the amount of hemp extract stays consistent in each product.

Certificates of Analysis

CGMP Compliant Facility

Verve products are manufactured in a CGMP compliant facility.
Superior quality requires and demands premium facility standards, everyday.

CGMP Compliant Facility

Verve products are manufactured in a CGMP complaint facility in the sunshine state of Florida. Known as one of the largest agricultural producers in the US, Florida provides us year-round growing and harvesting of top-quality domestic hemp.

Certified Kosher

Certified kosher by earth kosher.

Gluten Free and Allergen Free

Verve products are harvested and produced with equipment dedicated for hemp. This means no cross contamination from allergens such soy, milk, and gluten.

Verve is a Veteran owned company. We are proud of our heritage and service to our nation.