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Our founders come from different backgrounds, have overcome numerous physical and emotional challenges. They seek to continually apply their learnings and expertise in the world of health and wellness to advance our company and help others.

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I started taking CBD oil to reduce inflammation in my joints & as an anti-oxidant to help fight off various infections & strengthen my immune system after a lifetime of physically demanding service in military special operations around the globe. My preference is the option without THC for my specific needs. Your needs may be different. Check out the options & find the best fit for your personal situation. I’ve gained great benefits from it & know you will too!

Craig “Sawman” SawyerNavy SEAL veteran

After 8 seasons of professional football, I love the fact that Verve Athletic CBD Oil can help me with my post career aches and pains without using prescription medications. It has really made a difference in my daily wellness regiment!

Mark ClaytonFormer Professional Football Player

Verve Athletic CBD Zero is a great product for me to use year round. It really helps with the grind of the season while helping my body recover faster. I am a believer in using natural organic products, and Verve products meet my needs every time.

Phil CokeProfessional Baseball Player